The Healing Wonders of Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is a form of massage therapy that focuses on the deep layers of the muscle.  It comes highly recommended for those who are suffering from sports related injuries because it helps relieve the pain that comes with the injury.  It uses more intense pressure directed on the muscles and connective tissues.

Naturally Rehabilitates Muscle Injuries

The University of Maryland Medical Center came up with a report that deep tissue massage is more effective in alleviating chronic pain than taking medicines because deep tissue massage increases blood flow in the affected area and helps reduce inflammation.  When you have muscle pains, the muscle tissues form tight clusters.  The slow, firm strokes of deep tissue massage help loosen these clusters thereby easing muscle pains.

Improvement of Blood Pressure

Studies conducted by the research team of the University of Maryland Medical Center have shown that deep tissue massage promotes the production of serotonin, a hormone that creates the feeling of happiness.  The firm and penetrating strokes of deep tissue massage can soothe the muscles and ease stress and tension.  According to the study, patients who receive deep tissue massage saw their systolic pressure decrease at an average of 10.4 mm Hg and their diastolic decrease at an average of 5.3 mm Hg.

Relieves Stress

People who are undergoing tough times at home or at work often feel stressed.  This stress does not only affect the person emotionally, but its ill effects also manifest physically.  Those who suffer from tension and stress have headaches, tight muscles and rigid shoulders. 

Undergoing deep tissue massage can work on the problem areas in your body.  It relaxes cramped muscles and soothes muscle rigidity.  Migraines that come with stress can also be relieved by slow, firm strokes in the temples and the head.

Your First Deep Tissue Massage

The massage therapist cannot gauge how intense your first deep tissue massage should be.  This is why you should inform the therapist to be firmer or gentler so you can get all the benefits that come with the massage. 

Do not think that the harder the massage is, the better you will feel afterwards.  Although applying deep pressure on your muscles can help relieve the pain, too much pressure will cause bruising.  Doctors recommend a regular program of massage to deal with chronic muscle pains and retain muscle tension habits.

An integration of exercise, proper posture and relaxation techniques can help deal with muscle tension.  It is also advisable to drink lots of water after undergoing deep tissue massage to flush out lactic acid from the body.  Not doing so can cause the pain to recur the following day.

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