The Calming and Relaxing Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage has been used in ancient times to warm the body and relax the senses.  After the introduction of hot stone massage by Mary Nelson in Arizona, hot stone massage quickly rose to popularity.

Hot stone massage is a variety of the traditional massage, but uses heated river stones.  River stones are smoother than other stones because of the river current.  These stones are about the size of an egg, but only flatter.  They are usually made of basalt which is a type of rock that is so rich in iron it retains heat very well. 

The massage therapist starts by immersing the stones in water and heats them until they reach the desired temperature.  They are then placed at specific key points at the back, between the toes, or in the palm of the hand, all depending on the condition of the person getting the massage.

The heated stones may be placed at the energy centers of the body as well, to rebalance the body’s “chi.”

The heat in the stones is suitable for improving blood circulation and calming the nervous and muscular system.

Why Hot Stone Massage?

As compared to Swedish massage and deep tissue massage, hot stone massage is gentler and is best for those people suffering from tension and cold feet.  This type of massage is more comforting and relaxing because the therapist does not apply deep pressure.

It is also great for people suffering from the following conditions:

  • Aches and pains in the back
  • Arthritis
  • Poor blood circulation
  • Stress, anxiety and lack of sleep
  • Depression

Hot Stone Massage Procedure

The massage therapist will start by heating the stones by immersing it in water placed in an electric heater. 

Meanwhile, the therapist will apply oil to your body while waiting for the stones to reach the desired temperature.  The oil will allow the stones to glide on your muscles during the massage.

Once the stones reach the ideal temperature, the therapist will begin by placing them in her palms to ensure that it is not too hot to massage directly on the skin.

While you are lying face down, the therapist will start massaging your back, gliding the heated stones in your muscles thereby relieving muscular tension. 

Before moving on the next area of the body, the therapist will leave the heated stones at key points on your back for a few minutes.  The warmth of the stones will help improve blood circulation from the back and calm your mind and body.

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