How Yoga Benefits Overall Health

Yoga is fast becoming popular all over the United States.  First developed in India, Yoga incorporates breathing exercises, meditation, and asana or postures that flex and stretches muscle groups.  Its purpose is to create a sense of awareness, strength and harmony in mind and body. 

Yoga does not only help relieve stress, but may prevent sickness and alleviate chronic aches and pains.  The relaxation and breathing techniques in yoga has been known to relieve lower back pains, headaches, arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome.  Recently, studies have shown that people doing yoga have more stable blood pressure and are able to sleep well than those who just do ordinary stretching.

In addition to that, some of the known benefits of yoga are:

  • Increased physical flexibility
  • Increase in muscle strength
  • Improved muscle tone
  • Reduction in weight
  • Improved circulatory and cardio health
  • Balanced metabolism
  • Improved respiration
  • Increased energy and vitality
  • Greatly improved athletic performance
  • Beats stress

Yoga to Relieve Stress

Stress has many devastating effects both in the mind and body.  People have different ways of coping with stress.  Some people turn to food and sweets, while others turn to sleeping pills. 

Stress also has numerous negative effects on the body.  If your body is stressed, you will more likely suffer from neck pains, headaches, and insomnia.

Yoga helps relieve stress because it relaxes the mind and body.  The breathing exercises incorporated in yoga can improve oxygen circulation in the body and especially in the brain.  This helps relieve headaches and gives you a more restful sleep.  The meditation integrated in yoga elevates your mood and eases your anxiety.  Yoga greatly helps in the condition of your mind and spirit by creating a balanced and positive outlook in life.  

Starting Yoga

There are some yoga exercises that are more strenuous than others.  Some beginners suffer injuries for lack of physical preparation.  To avoid this when starting yoga, it is crucial that you inform your yoga instructor of certain illnesses and physical limitations that you may have.  If some positions are simply too painful for you, tell your instructor immediately.

It is also best that you tell your yoga instructor of certain mental health issues that are bothering you, whether they are stress, anxiety, and sleeplessness.  In this way, your instructor can formulate yoga exercises especially tailored to counter your mental health issues.

Looking for a Yoga centre in Providence?

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